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Major US City ‘Goes Green’ by Moving from Traditional, Paper-based Training to Virtual Learning

No organization, let alone large city, can afford to train their employees using a primarily traditional, classroom-style learning model in the 21st Century. Two years ago, organizational leaders of a major US city recognized their 30,000-person-strong workforce’s need for a ‘greener’, more accessible training method. At the time, workers were still faxing in course registrations. The leadership knew paper-based learning needed to be done away with for the sake of the environment and employee convenience. Directions Training responded to the city’s need with a customized learning solution that fulfilled each employee’s technical and non-technical training needs. Click here to read the entire case study.

National Clothing and Home Goods Retailer Realizes Need for Diverse IT Training, Finds Comprehensive Solutions and Long-term Training Provider

With new, business-advancing technologies being developed at the speed of light, it is not uncommon for companies to suddenly realize their need for diverse IT training. Corporate leaders at a national clothing and home goods retailer recently found themselves in the position of needing to have dozens of IT employees quickly trained on various technologies over a matter of months. The retailer has used Directions for several trainings in different technologies (like Docker, Git, PowerShell, APACHE, etc.). Directions was able to accommodate all of the client’s requests and schedule additional trainings in the future. Click here to read the entire case study.

Regularly Scheduled Applications Training Enables Hundreds of the US Central Banking System’s Non-tech Employees to Easily and Quickly Utilize Productivity Software

The Central Banking System of the US is dedicated to equipping non-technical employees with the training they need to fully understand the technologies they use to accomplish daily tasks. In order to perform their non-technical jobs, these individuals need to learn to easily operate basic applications vital to their agency’s success. Already having a mature training program, the banking system brought Directions Training on to facilitate end-user applications training. Competitive pricing, world-class instructors with real world experience, and strong past performance were all factors in selecting Directions as their preferred training provider. Click here to read the entire case study.

Non-profit Integrated Healthcare Network Empowered to Continue Providing Exemplary Care to Patients with Certification-Driven Windows 10 Training

As technologies change, organizations must remain fluid and ready to implement new operating systems at a moment’s notice. A nonprofit integrated healthcare network recently discovered this firsthand. For the network to continue using the medical software that had allowed it to provide cutting-edge care to at least one million patients per year, it had to upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10. Because the healthcare network needed to get IT workers trained quickly, Directions staff suggested live, instructor-led training given at an accelerated pace. With no time to waste, these courses, which are each typically delivered over a 5-day timespan, were condensed into a 3-day training intensive. To encourage high levels of engagement, the healthcare network chose certification-driven training, and Directions offered exam vouchers and test preparation for participants. Click Here to read the entire case study.

Global Confectionary, Food and Beverage Conglomerate Equips International Workforce with Direct2You Training, Registration Portal & Custom Reporting

Implementing a Learning Management System (LMS) that fits the needs of a company with over 100,000 employees is no easy task. Equipping key employees with the learning tools they need to do their jobs well is equally challenging. Recently, a Global Confectionary, Food and Beverage Conglomerate needed to accomplish both tasks. After connecting with Directions Training through a Microsoft reseller partner, a strategy emerged to provide live Microsoft Applications training to employees and continuous learning material that would be uploaded to the new LMS. However, the challenge became how to deliver training to thousands of employees who live and work on different continents, while tracking and reporting the registration, attendance and satisfaction of training on a weekly basis. Click Here to read the entire case study.

International Home Improvement Retailer Uses Directions for Annual Microsoft Office Training

All businesses know how challenging it is to keep up with technology changes. After all, software updates take place several times a year, devices are regularly updated, and new hires always seem to be onboarding. This presents a unique set of challenges for the company that desires to stay ahead of the learning curve when it comes to technology implementation and end user adoption. One such company, an international home improvement retailer, with headquarters in the Chicagoland area, has arrived at an effective solution; several times a year they hire Directions to provide Windows Office training that keeps their beginner, intermediate, and advanced users up to date with Microsoft Applications like Excel, Access, PowerPoint and Word. Click Here to read the entire case study. 

Beauty Product Empire Trusts Directions to Deliver Custom Office 365 Training to 26,000 Employees

After this beauty product empire moved 37,000 mailboxes from on premise Lotus Notes to Office 365, it became apparent that they needed to have a training approach in place to support their large staff population across multiple locations, job roles, and languages. In partnering with Directions, the IT and professional development training company was able to leverage virtual training solutions using Voice Over IP, Live Meeting, and a Lab on Demand system that allowed students to work on real software, not simulations. This solution was delivered in seven different languages and reduced costs by eliminating travel. Click Here to read the entire case study. 

Directions Creates a Customized Role Based SharePoint Solution for 2,500+ Users Around the Globe

This global manufacturer of food products implemented SharePoint 2007 several years back, but with a small IT department driving the implementation, user adoption was next to none. A few years later, after reviewing the new features of SharePoint 2010, the company decided to upgrade. In order to receive a full return on their investment and enhance user adoption, they knew training was necessary. They contacted Directions and were quickly set up with customized solution options like JIT-JET (Just-in-Time, Just-Enough Training), change management, technical assessments and role-based training. Click Here to read the entire case study. 

Directions Creates a Customized Solution and Successfully Educates over 58,000 Global Hospitality Employees

With over 453 companies in their portfolio and thousands of employees located around the globe, this large corporation needed to migrate to the cloud in order to connect their organization and increase productivity without sacrificing reliability, security or flexibility. Directions was brought on board to create a customized training solution that would result in end user adoption. After providing company-wide assessments, laying out technological solutions, and deploying training solutions, Directions successfully helped this corporation and its 58,000+ employees embrace cloud technologies. Click Here to read the entire case study. 

System Integrators Become Certified After Attending Directions' Weekend Boot Camp

This system integration (SI) partner was having difficulty growing their business due to a shortage of sales and lack of technical individuals available in their market. Directions Training wanted to create a customized solution that addressed the SI’s desire to enhance their technical knowledge and grow their business – but training during business hours was not an option for this company. As a solution, Directions set up an afterhours, cost effective solution to help upgrade the professional skills of these SI employees. Click Here to read the entire case study.

Directions Delivers Customized SCCM Training for 500 International Military Personnel

With 500 military personnel located in various locations around the world, this branch was in need of a cost effective training solution that would support their worldwide deployment of Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) 2012. Directions was able to help by offering customized training, virtual instructor-led delivery, class preparation, and continuing education options. Prior to developing this customized training solution, Directions conducted a full assessment on the branch’s technical environment to understand its people, processes, and goals. Click Here to read the entire case study.

MOC On-Demand Training

Credible, Cost Effective, Time-Saving Training

Microsoft Official Courses (MOC) On-Demand enables you to stream video-based training modules and participate in hands-on labs at your own pace.

Click here to learn more.


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