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Custom Fit Training

A puzzle is not complete until all the right pieces are put in place. The same goes for organizations that have real-world challenges only training can resolve; these organizations can’t be whole until the right pieces come together. Without training, an organization is sorely aware of its deficiencies, but one-size-fits-all training won’t fulfill these voids. An exclusive, comprehensive training plan is necessary. In fact, a custom fit plan is vital to fulfilling an organization’s training needs and solving business problems.

Custom Fit Training

We live in a made-to-order world; shouldn’t IT and professional development training be based on this principle too? All too often, one-size-fits-all training lacks valuable information and fails to accommodate anyone. Unfortunately, training companies still try to push pre-packaged training solutions onto unique organizations. But not Directions. At Directions Training we understand that your training plan needs to be as original as your organization. This is why we offer Custom Fit Training (CFT) options.

Organizations that partner with Directions know that Custom Fit Training is at the foundation of all our relationships. CFT makes it possible to design a training plan that complements your organizational culture, team members, and goals. Directions Training will work alongside you to customize course curriculum and delivery methods to meet the unique needs of your organization. With classroom, live virtual classroom (Direct2You), and onsite training delivery methods, it is possible to receive IT and professional development training that exceeds organizational objectives and personal goals.

From the initial consultation to the final follow-up email, Directions works with you to ensure your training plan reflects your organization’s needs. Whether you need to modify course curriculum for it to be relevant to your organization or want to combine various course modules to create a completely customized course, Directions is eager to help. With numerous language options, scheduling choices, and delivery methods, we are capable of providing exceptional training that fulfills your business needs at a cost you can afford.

Since 1991, we’ve been developing custom training that involves creating and delivering world-class results for businesses, government entities, and individuals. But now, we want to hear from you. What are your current business challenges? Might IT and professional development training provide a solution? If yes, please contact us by filling out the “Design Your Custom Fit Training” form. Use the CFT webform to connect with Directions Training. By completing this form you are taking the first step in forging a training partnership with us.  Once you complete the form, someone from Directions Training will contact you for a free consultation.

Thank you for exploring our company and services. Directions is proud to be leading the industry with Custom Fit Training solutions and we hope to be the right fit for you.

Additional Training Delivery Methods

Onsite training is available to organizations that want world-class instructors to travel to facilities of their choosing. Let Directions bring an subject matter expert to your location for an exclusive IT or professional development course. Travel within the continental US may be included in your Custom Fit Training plan.

MOC On-Demand Training

Credible, Cost Effective, Time-Saving Training

Microsoft Official Courses (MOC) On-Demand enables you to stream video-based training modules and participate in hands-on labs at your own pace.

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