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Migration Services - Ensuring End User Adoption

Ensure a Seamless and Successful Migration with Directions Training

Directions Training believes an integral part of any technology deployment involves a robust migration process coupled with quality training. We understand that moving to a new technology platform is a multi-phased project that takes planning and expertise. Directions preparation and seamless execution will help you maximize the benefits migrating has to offer while mitigating any risks. Not only does Directions provide expertise in training, project management, change management, instructional design and post training support, we also make migration easy for you.

Directions D Migration Process

Our team of industry leaders have successfully trained thousands of customers on Office 365, Skype for Business and SharePoint using our D⁴ Migration ProcessThis process dynamically measures all aspects of the migration project and ensures full end user adoption, resulting in a full return on your technology investment. 

Directions D4 Migration Process

Gap Analysis and Project Scope

  • Identify Current State
  • Define Desired State
  • Present Project Scope
  • Assess Gaps and Needs

Team, Plan, Design, Communicate

  • Identify Key Stakeholders
  • Project Planning
  • Instructional Design
  • Pilot Demos/Finalize Content
  • Change Management & Communication Requirements
  • Establish Schedule

Announce, Preview, Deliver, Continuous Learning

  • Announce Training Plans
  • Communicate Benefits
  • Deliver Training
  • Provide Post Learning Resources

Measure, Support, Monitor, Evaluate

  • Measure Participant Satisfaction
  • Support Participant Learning
  • Monitor Adoption Success
  • Evaluate Success/ROI

Directions Role-Based Migration Curriculum

Role-based training is an effective strategy that allows Directions to customize curriculum based on individual job roles. Our instructors not only educate students about the technology, but also show them how to use it within the context of their unique positions and work environments.  Students are able to apply what they learn immediately after class and typically notice an increase in productivity, realizing an immediate return on their technology investment. We have training for the following job roles: Executive White Glove Users, Kiosk Users, General Users, Power Users and Admin Users.Click here to learn more. 

Directions Change Management Services

Directions Training has been helping clients get the most out of their technology/software investments and strategies through careful planning and flawless execution. We realize that an integral component of any successful training implementation is attention to change management requirements. After any change takes place in an organization, securing optimum results requires focused planning, visible sponsors and sound communications. Click here to learn more. 

Directions Post Class Training Support 

Directions is dedicated to making sure our training results in accelerated employee adoption and measurable improvements in business performance. We provide the following Post Class Training Support: class assessments, reference materials, on-demand Just-in-Time-Just-Enough-Training (JIT-JET), Labs on Demand, Desk side Coaching, Lunch N’ Learns and Help Desk Support. Click here to learn more. 

Directions Instructional Design

Do you need assistance in creating course curriculum geared towards your organization’s specific needs? Directions Training can assist in developing training content that is practical, effective and scalable for your employees. Using a detailed instructional design methodology proven through years of successful training development and delivery, Directions will develop a program that’s right for your training needs and budget. Each course is created using a rigorous five-stage design process to guarantee the quality and effectiveness of the finished product. Click here to learn more. 

MOC On-Demand Training

Credible, Cost Effective, Time-Saving Training

Microsoft Official Courses (MOC) On-Demand enables you to stream video-based training modules and participate in hands-on labs at your own pace.

Click here to learn more.


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